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Base rate ranges are dependent on a variety of factors; however fees can be negotiated on an hourly (for consults and strategic planning) or per project basis (strategic planning, training & education).

  • Example hourly rate engagement: ​

    • Strategic Plan Assessment & Consultation

    • Resource Review/Development

    • Document/Policy Review

  • Example per project engagement:

    • Strategic planning & implementation development

    • Environmental Scanning


Our sliding scale philosophy: Due to institutional and systemic factors small organizations, individuals, and others may need flexibility when it comes to pricing and payment. When implemented effectively, sliding scale pricing allows everyone to pay a similar percentage of their income for the same products or services. Participation in sliding scale pricing is choosing to actively engage in economic solidarity. Blacklily Consulting offers this framework to ensure the opportunity for growth is accessible to everyone.


If your organization has the ability or finds the quality of service to be high enough that you are interested in paying above contracted rates, please do so with the knowledge that you are supplementing Blacklily’s ability to be more flexible when engaging with smaller organizations and historically marginalized communities.

Rates below are guidelines and examples. Please contact us to discuss your specific rates.

Hourly Consultation Rates

Education & Training Facilitation

Project Rates & 

Specialty Services

Project rates will be negotiated as needed, with the following in mind:

  • Size of organization/project

  • Impact/scope of change

  • Number of staff affected/engaged

  • Project timeline

  • Speed of delivery

Contact us to discuss your project rate.

* Blacklily will prioritize the Solidarity Rate for smaller organizations led by communities of color, immigrants, refugees, or are otherwise committed to social justice work and empowerment via grassroots initiatives focused on uplifting and improving our communities. 


When applying hourly rates to training, all hours worked will be billed including necessary pre/post work.

Licensing fees for recorded trainings may apply


Rates do not include travel, lodging, or per diem expenses. 

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