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Facilitation & Training

Blacklily Consulting offers customized training and facilitation for groups and organizations. Knowledge is the foundation of understanding, critical thinking, and effective application. While knowledge and education by themselves are not enough, it can be a place to start as we work through other steps. 


Blacklily supplies our own Instructional Design, tailored to your needs, and can make recommendations on what materials might be most effective for organizational change. 


We bring strong facilitation skills to every training, implementing the right information at the right time and creating inviting, courageous spaces for tough conversations through humor and warmth. We use case study examples and work with your group to develop their practical skills with in-training role play and intragroup dialogue. 


Facilitation and Training topics: 

  • Equity and Social Justice (J.E.I.D.


  • Transgender identities

  • Marginalized and minority community lived experiences

  • Understanding personal identity and culture

  • Intersectional lenses

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