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Blacklily Consulting offers healthcare-specific expertise for those working toward providing accessible, equitable, patient-led care that respects a wider umbrella of lived experiences. 


It can feel daunting to try and implement changes across a constellation of impacted workstreams while also mitigating potential downstream effects. Building actively inclusive medical spaces can include expensive and highly technical EMR/EHR (Electronic Medical Record/Electronic Health Record) upgrades. Built into this process is the need for healthcare providers to be supported in implementing changes.  


BLC has a deep understanding of the EMR/EHR ‘backend’ (e.g. EPIC, Centricity, etc.), allowing us to recommend tactics that have bigger impacts on driving adoption for both the ‘project’ and ‘people’ sides of necessary change. We can help you build a process that goes beyond de-gendering documentation with good intentions or one-shot events aimed at marginalized patient populations. With our support clients get help developing a robust and structured strategies to bring organizations further down the path of equity and justice in the healthcare world.

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